AMP DJ/BAND HYBRID How To Personalize Your Wedding

5 Tips : How To Personalize Your Wedding

December 24, 2020

5 Tips : How To Personalize Your Wedding

While the tried and true wedding traditions like tossing the bouquet, parent dances, etc. still remain popular,  more and more couples are searching for ways to make sure their wedding is unique and personalized.  

The most memorable weddings are the ones that truly reflect the unique love story and personality of the couple. 

Here are 5 great tips on how to personalize your wedding!! 

Put your personal stamp on your wedding and let your personalities shine through with every detail! 

According to The Knot:

“Couples are investing in hyper-personalized events infused with meaningful details, like their go-to movies or their favorite date-night food.”

-The Knot

1. Bespoke Wedding Invitations

They say, “First impressions are everything”. Your save the dates and wedding invitations are the first  sneak peek your guests will have into the experience you will create for them on your big day. Why not make it personal?!!

Check out these amazing wedding invitations by NolikoArt that are customizable to your journey together and your love story!

2. Personalized Wedding Song

When my husband Jimmy and I were getting married four years ago, we had the hardest time finding a First Dance song that was, well…. us.

We really wanted a song we were truly connected to. 

Jimmy was discovered on Star Search by Luther Vandross as a teenager. Luther then wrote and produced Jimmy’s first album entitled, “Roll It” on Elektra Records. We ended up choosing a song that Luther had written for Jimmy called “Whether Or Not The World Gets Better”. It was a duet Jimmy had recorded with singer, Phoebe Snow. We decided it would be the perfect song for us to re-record and dance our First Dance to. This personalized touch is still one of my favorite moments of our entire wedding. The lyrics to the song are already beautiful, but it meant even more that it was being sung in our own voices and it was something that we created. 

There are thousands of love songs couples have danced to on their special day but how many can say their First Dance was written specifically for them?

AMP DJ/BAND HYBRID provides this one-of-a-kind service. Couples get to fill out a fun questionnaire about their relationship and we write the song around YOU and YOUR unique love story! 

The AMP songwriting team (Jimmy Salvemini & Tony Pruden) recently collaborated with international recording artist, George LaMond on his latest single, “Weak” (availalble on all platforms).

We can’t wait to hear all about YOUR special love story and write your personalized wedding song!  To learn more about YOUR PERSONALIZED WEDDING SONG, Call/TXT 631-8000-AMP

First Dance Personalized Wedding Song
Personalized Wedding Song – AMP DJ/BAND HYBRID

3. Signature Cocktails

Your guests can’t wait to hit the bar and raise a glass to the new married couple! 

Signature Wedding Cocktails AMP DJ/BAND HYBRID How to Personalize Your Wedding

Creating signature cocktails is a fun way to personalize the wedding experience for your guests! You may want to choose your favorite cocktails and rename them something a little more wedding-y!

You love apple martinis? How about an “Apple-y Ever After Martini”?

Maybe he’s a tequila guy.. How about a “Marry Me Margarita”?

You get the point. Get creative with it! It’s all about you and your soulmate! 

Your friends and family are here to celebrate your love… and get their drink on!

Check out a complete list of clever signature cocktail names in this Wedding Wire article.

4. Include Your Pets In Your Wedding

Snowball and Ringo are more than just your pets. They’re a part of the family! Why not let them be a special part of your big day?!

Personalize Your Wedding AMP DJ/BAND HYBRID

Maybe your pup is the ring bearer. Maybe you trained your parakeet to recite a love poem. (Impressive.)

Perhaps you’ll have a pet-sitter drop by with your pet at some point during the wedding.

 Even if you can’t have animals on the premises of your venue, you can still find ways to incorporate your fur babies in your wedding!

Photos of the two of you and your pets as a decoration for your welcome table can be a sweet touch.

How about a custom wedding cake topper in the likeness of you two and your pooch?! 

Circling back to tip #3 – You could name your signature drinks after your pets to have them there in “spirits” – see what I did there?

Any way you do it, just make it YOU! It’s all about personalizing your wedding and having fun with it! 

5. Unique Wedding Entertainment

You can personalize your wedding experience right down to the entertainment. There are countless ways to do this, but using your relationship as a guide is the best way to decide on unique wedding entertainment to wow your guests and leave them with memories to last a lifetime.

Was your first date at a jazz club? Hire a cool jazz ensemble as a sophisticated way to greet your guests as they enter the cocktail hour.

Harry Potter mega-fans? You could have a magician make a special appearance during the dinner hour to entertain your guests.

You guys love live music AND the high energy of a DJ?

You can choose NOT to choose! 

Surprise your guests by doing something truly unique and have BOTH! 

AMP DJ/BAND HYBRID – The best of both worlds

AMP DJ/BAND HYBRID is not your average wedding entertainment. 

It’s the best of both worlds! 

You can learn more by checking out our blog, “Wedding Band or Wedding DJ??? Why Not Both?!”

Okay! So that’s our top 5 Tips On How To Personalize Your Wedding! 

I hope this gave you some ideas on how to take this perfect day and make it even more your own. By the end of the night your guests will be saying…

“Wow, that was SO them!!”