Frequently Asked Questions

How is your HYBRID different?
At AMP DJ/BAND HYBRID our DJ is an essential band member allowing us the versatility to create our own custom edits and mashups. We are a rehearsed group of professional musicians for clients who feel music is of the utmost importance at their event.


How many members are in your HYBRID?
Our HYBRID starts with our “Core Four” line-up of DJ, Live Drummer, Guitarist and Singers. You then have the option to build upon that to create the perfect HYBRID for your event! Whether you want to add a horn section or create a large scale entertainment experience.

Are you able to cover many different genres of music?
Absolutely! One of the best things about hiring a DJ/BAND HYBRID for your event is that your musical possibilities are endless! 
How do you ensure great sound quality at my event?
Every HYBRID package includes a dedicated professional Sound Team to ensure pristine sound quality and appropriate volume.

Do you perform multiple events in a day?
No. As a boutique company, we believe you deserve our full attention for your special event. This is why we only do one event per day.
How many consultations will I receive leading up to my event?
Unlimited. From the day you sign with us, we become creative partners and we are 100 percent invested in the success of your event. 
Whether a Zoom call, phone call or a walk through at your venue, we are always available to give you our expert advice along the way! 
Will you learn songs for my event?
Yes! We love adding to our already extensive repertoire.

Are you insured?
Yes, AMP DJ/BAND HYBRID is fully insured.
We are happy to provide a Certificate of Insurance upon request.

Do you offer afterparty entertainment? 
Absolutely! We have an incredible roster of musicians and DJs that can keep your party going all night long!
Do you provide ceremony and cocktail hour music?
Yes we do! We provide stellar entertainment for every moment of your event.
From keyboardists and acoustic guitarists to Caribbean steel pan  players, jazz ensembles, elegant string ensembles and so much more! Ask us how we can help you create a musical experience for your guests from beginning to end!


How do we get started? 
Fill out our contact form here:
Or give us a call! 

We can’t wait to help you create the event of your dreams!